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The Dragons of Manhattan


large product photo   The Dragons of Manhattan

At last in print, the astonishing – and notorious – satirical fantasy first published as an online serial by international journalism site Blue Ear!

Supposed leader of a nation that looks remarkably like George W. Bush’s America, President Alfie Sedoma hopes the populace never discover who’s really in charge – ancient shapeshifting dragons that regard the preservation of the human species as an item somewhere near the bottom of the agenda.

Sacked publishing editor Norris Gonfalcon is hired by mysterious (yet enticingly glamorous) Jasmine Frimhalt to be her gumshoe, investigating the apocalyptic schemes of the most powerful of all the dragons, Buster Maltravis, pillar of Wall Street.

Aided by a depressive arms fetishist with fundamentalist religious convictions, an investigative journalist with attitude, a self-styled “panhandler’s panhandler” and a pair of implausible virgins (as bait), Norris and Jasmine head for an inevitable showdown . . . upon whose outcome depends the future of humanity!

Savagely funny and wildly imaginative, The Dragons of Manhattan is as topical as tomorrow’s headlines . . . and has better jokes.


Among other things, all of them designed to stimulate wonder, anger, and laughter in equal parts, Grant writes with the kind of illuminated fury that makes reading really fun.
—Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column, on The Dragons of Manhattan

The combination of current events and outright absurdity has created a satire worthy of comparison with the great ones . . . Like its satirical predecessors, The Dragons of Manhattan is topical now but will be a fine story in decades or centuries to come. When we study the classic satires of Jonathan Swift or Lewis Carroll, their greatness is demonstrated by our enjoyment of them on many different levels. John Grant keeps lofty company indeed.
—Chuck Gregory, Blue Ear

In a world that seems to value specialization above all else, a true multi-hyphenate is rare. John Grant the book reviewer; John Grant the fantasy novelist (and science fiction novelist, and political satire novelist, and . . .); John Grant the short-story writer; John Grant the editor; John Grant the essayist. All apply, and all apply equally well. The man is a writing dynamo, and we are all the better for it.
—James A. Owen, Argosy

I was immediately hooked . . . one of those books that I couldn't put down.
—Charles A. Tan, The Bibliophile Stalker

Humans have always drawn a line between fantasy and reality. Recently, these lines are getting increasing blurred in the field of politics and society. The Dragons of Manhattan has not only managed to address these social ills but works on many levels – as a political parody of our times, social satire, personal introspection and commentary. Grant has managed to brilliantly marry the strengths of science fiction and fantasy with the style of a thriller.
—Deepa Kandaswamy, Blue Ear

The Dragons of Manhattan was published in May 2008 by the UK press Screaming Dreams at £12.99 (about $26.00).

As there is as yet no US publication scheduled, I’ve imported a limited number of copies which I can sell at $16.50 + shipping. This is approximately cost price (the shipping from the UK is the killer!) so it's an introductory offer.

Please specify if you would like your copy signed/personalized.

ISBN: 978-1-906652-00-5
Soft Cover
$16.50 + shipping

If you live in the UK or Europe you may order The Dragons of Manhattan directly from the publisher Screaming Dreams.