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The Far-Enough Window — or The Reclaiming of Fairyland


large product photo   The Far-Enough Window

A fairy tale for grown-ups of all ages...

Joanna has lived in solitude for as long as she can remember. One day, when she goes to write up her diary, she discovers that she seems already to have done so - and this discovery leads her to the Far-Enough Window. Under the guidance of Robin Goodfellow, waiting for her beside it, she peers further than the eye can see to transport herself into Fairyland.

But this is a Fairyland unlike any she has ever heard of. Here nothing is ever as it seems as the fey creatures of mythology vie with the cosy little faieries she's read about in children's stories. Joanna must tread a complex and hazardous path to find her way back to her own present. If she suceeds, perhaps the mysteries of her own strange life will be answered.

Filled with constant amazement, The Far-Enough Window - by Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning writer John Grant - is a work of great beauty that also offers a thrilling adventure, challenging the mind at every ingenious twist and turn. It is a book for anyone who can remember burrowing down under the bedclothes with a flashlight so their parents wouldn't know they were still reading

Superbly illustrated by reowned artisit Ron Tiner, who also proveds the cover art.

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Soft Cover
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