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The Truth About The Flaming Ghoulies


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  The Truth About The Flaming Ghoulies

There were four of them: Fallopia Green (vocals and banana), Crotchy Thumbstrangler (lead gutair), Buster Blancmange (bsass gutair, axe and vocals), and Dave "The Beast" Dormouse )percussion and backing vocals).

Theywere all talanted young musicians, starry-eyed idealists, with their eyes fixed fimly on the topmost heights of success and fame. In no time at all they soared from nowhere to the top of the charts. They drove their fans wild with hits like 'Pig', 'I Got Socks' and the wistfully haunting 'Let Me Punch Your Wall'. Smash hit followed smash hit...until, at the very pinnacle of their success, as they played in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands near Chicago, disaster struck: they spontaneously detonated in a multi-megaton blast.

Crack geomorphologist and part-time pornographer Dirk Sommer Kinght is commissioned to write the testimonial history of the Ghoulies' career - but at once he meets a wall of mystery. Where did the Ghoulies come from? Why did the Ghoulies self-detonate? Why did people buy their records? Dirk has to transform himself into a star detective to confront these and many other shattering questions, probing into the heart of the enigma and finally revealing the true nature of the phenomenon that called itself The Flaming Ghoulies.

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