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New Writings in the Fantastic


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New Writings in the Fantastic

A mammoth anthology that contains almost forty stories, from the very best new writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror, collated by the World Fantasy Award-winning John Grant.

Featuring (in no particular order)

Geoffrey Maloney, Edd Vick, Naomi Alderman, Jamie Shanks, Thomas Marcinko, Barbara Nickless, Ian Watson, Roberto Quaglia, E. Sedia, Liza Granville, Scott Emerson Bull, Gary McMahon, Peter Hagelslag, Gavin Salisbury, John Bushore, Cyril Simsa, Steve Redwood, Vera Nazarian, Kate Riedel, Donna Gagnon, Greg Story, Toiya Kristen, Finley Bryan Berg, Andrew Magowan, Andrew Hook, Hugh Spencer, J. Todd Gwinn, Lisa Silverthorne, Paul L Bates, Stephen Kilpatrick, Stuart Jaffe, Vincent L. Scarsella, Greg Beatty, Holden Herbert, Harry R Campion, Paul Finch, Paul Pinn, Kim Sheard, M.F. Korn, Hertzan Chimera RIP, Derek J. Goodman, Craig Sernotti, and Mark Justice.

Retail Price: £12.99
Limted Time Offer From Publisher £9.99
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