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Take No Prisoners


large product photo   Take No Prisoners

John Grant is a master of transcendant literary fantasy. The author of more than 25 volumes of fiction and 35 volumes of criticism and essays, he is a giant in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Take No Prisoners is a collection of previously published short stories by John Grant.

Do not open this book until you are prepared to dive in and forget the day. The worlds of John Grant are harsh, interconnected, florid, fluent, fun; and, more than all of that, they are generous. His tales are long and full. And his characters - whether they occupy gothic niches in the World world, or our world, or the subtly interwoven Qinmeartha/Qinefer multiverse - they live at full stretch, because John Grant gives each of them his own contentious, passionate, loving heart. Read and weep; read and laugh; but don't begin to read until you are ready for a long joy. — John Clute

Great Stuff! I'm embarrassed by how memorably well John Grant writes when he's working solo, because it makes me think uneasy thoughts about just where the best passages in our collaborations came from... — David Langford

John Grant's stories are sharper than a serpent's tooth, and the bite is twice as deep. — Bob Eggleton

ebook ISBN: 9781458171337
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